Using Pinterest for Art Inspiration

The amount of information, inspiration, and images available at our fingertips is infinite nowadays, and one of my favorite place for keeping ideas and inspiration organized is Pinterest. One look at my Pinterest boards and you’ll see that I have a particular way of archiving the ideas and artists I’m interested in, and that my … Continue reading Using Pinterest for Art Inspiration

Taming the Chaos: Advanced Pattern

Last week we talked about simple patterns for Abstract Composition. But of course I was quickly queried about: what if you want non-simple pattern? What if you want to push it to the limit? The first thing that came to my mind was fashion designer Dries Van Noten. He is well known for designing bold … Continue reading Taming the Chaos: Advanced Pattern

Taming the Chaos: Working with Pattern in Abstract Collage

Collage is a funny medium. It is often a battle to get Clarity in your design when there are so many yummy elements you want to include. Pattern-based elements are one of the the areas of challenge. Patterns are busy and they can certainly liven up a composition. But often they do the opposite. They … Continue reading Taming the Chaos: Working with Pattern in Abstract Collage