Archival Concerns in Collage

Found papers, like magazines, books, letters, etc. are all subject to a process of decay that, generally, we like. But what happens when you build those pieces into a collage that you would like to "freeze" in time? Can we stop the decay of these papers? Paper The most basic problem with printed materials is … Continue reading Archival Concerns in Collage

What I learned from Rex Ray

When I began to do abstract art, I began with collage. I painted up my favorite colors on paper, cut them into assorted rectangles and began to create arrangements. I loved color, and had some idea of color harmonies, but this effort fell pretty flat for me.  Nothing clicked and again I had that feeling … Continue reading What I learned from Rex Ray

Using Pinterest for Art Inspiration

The amount of information, inspiration, and images available at our fingertips is infinite nowadays, and one of my favorite place for keeping ideas and inspiration organized is Pinterest. One look at my Pinterest boards and you’ll see that I have a particular way of archiving the ideas and artists I’m interested in, and that my … Continue reading Using Pinterest for Art Inspiration