What I learned from Rex Ray

When I began to do abstract art, I began with collage. I painted up my favorite colors on paper, cut them into assorted rectangles and began to create arrangements. I loved color, and had some idea of color harmonies, but this effort fell pretty flat for me.  Nothing clicked and again I had that feeling … Continue reading What I learned from Rex Ray

Collage Tips and Tricks: Restickable Gluestick

One of the problems with working on collage on your table, is that you don't really SEE it fully. It is a great way too start building a collage, but after my first pass, I put it up on the wall and get back from it. A whole new level of image emerges. The dominance … Continue reading Collage Tips and Tricks: Restickable Gluestick

Finding Inspiration

For me, inspiration has always come from the work of other people. I can appreciate nature, and be completely awestruck by its magnificence, but what gets me wanting to create is seeing the work of other artists. So, where do you go to find your inspiration? Obviously, its wonderful if you can go to galleries … Continue reading Finding Inspiration