Is “loose” Overrated?

Aerial Gyrations, 1953, Charles Sheeler I was just at SFMOMA this weekend and saw this beautiful painting by Charles Sheeler. I was struck initially by the composition of shapes. Though it is representational, it is not realistic. There is no light source, or shadows. There is not a consistent perspective. It seems to be several … Continue reading Is “loose” Overrated?

What I learned from Rex Ray

When I began to do abstract art, I began with collage. I painted up my favorite colors on paper, cut them into assorted rectangles and began to create arrangements. I loved color, and had some idea of color harmonies, but this effort fell pretty flat for me.  Nothing clicked and again I had that feeling … Continue reading What I learned from Rex Ray

Taming the Chaos: Advanced Pattern

Last week we talked about simple patterns for Abstract Composition. But of course I was quickly queried about: what if you want non-simple pattern? What if you want to push it to the limit? The first thing that came to my mind was fashion designer Dries Van Noten. He is well known for designing bold … Continue reading Taming the Chaos: Advanced Pattern