What’s fun?

So you all know that I spend a lot of time thinking about composition. Something about arranging, juxtaposing, aligning… I like all that stuff. But it can also make you crazy when the process just becomes riddled with doubts and uncertainties.

Thats a good time to take a break and get back to the fun of collage. Its the middle of summer, its beautiful outside, I don’t feel like angst-ing right now. So I looked at my table and asked: What is fun, here?


Certainly any FUN list of mine must begin with stripes and dots.  I find them on book covers occasionally, too occasionally, so I mostly make my own.  Golden High Flow Acrylic paint is a great place to start. Sumi ink is delicious, but it will smear if you paint over it with acrylic medium, so I usually go with the High Flow.


Vintage kids books, especially with a lot of scribbling, are VERY fun.  We were all kids once and making art can take you back to those wild days of not knowing what you were doing and thinking it was all great, no matter what. These were the days before you developed a good inner critic who stops you at every turn to make sure you are passing inspection. The critic is not all bad, she has a lot of knowledge, for one thing. But getting away from her, and all her rational thinking, is freeing.  And FREE is good for creativity.


I have a small collection of fun things here. An old computer card immediately brings up my fond memories of Fortran and card decks in college…not. Actually I just think they are cool looking, all that repetition of tiny numbers and the punched rectangles.

Clearly, there is much fun to be had in type from paperback book covers. Especially those self improvement books and their bold promises! 30 days?!? I have never stuck to anything for 30 days, not even being how I want to be!

Finally, I have to admit that I think circles are fun. Perfect circles, for some reason, are especially fun.

Feel free to share your experiences of FUN materials in the comments section below.

Happy *summer* Creating,




6 thoughts on “What’s fun?

  1. I find it so hard to be free with collage. Summer fun to me is throwing paint at a substrate! Love the idea of clothing labels!


    1. Thats interesting Pat. I feel much more comfortable being able to “try out” different arrangements before gluing down. I can take pictures of all my ideas and study them later… But with paint, its just DONE. No testing. And I find that my colors are not as interesting when I am mixing paint, than if I am gathering old book materials. I guess I like the preview process whereas you just let loose with the brush. I would love to come watch you paint and see how your process works! Thanks for your comment.


  2. I like the whole idea of recycling, reusing, re-thinking all those odd bits. I save the tags hanging from new clothing, especially tags that are cloth, have interesting words or fonts and often made of cloth of vintage looking paper.


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