Collage Design: Enjoy the Mystery.

I was perusing my instagram feed earlier today and was struck by how much the work changes as you develop it. At least in MY process. Many times I just sit down with a substrate (paper or board that is covered in papers), and just start arranging pieces from the stuff on my table before me. There is no idea. Its just about appealing combinations. It might be a color scheme, it might be some words (like the title of this book “medieval Latin Lyrics”. How obscure is that?!?). It might be just a play of rectangles and and parallel lines.


Here is where I got after the first sitting.  I like the slate blue texture in the upper left but it just does not go with anything else with that color and its too dominant. Same with the AV.  Beautiful letterforms but too dominant. There are a lot of sacrifices, but its ok. There are plenty more collages to make.


Now something is taking shape, its sort of like an art deco train or building.   I’ve been lucky to keep the Medieval Latin Lyrics title, and added in a few choice phrases: The Tiresome Letter (for laughs), and “the sanity of science” (which of course brings up religion and politics, but just for a second :).


Here is the final piece. The new rounded corner  on top creates a nice unity to the black shapes (which I have broken up further with some neutral brown verticals). What is it? I don’t know, I just enjoy its shapes and proportions.

So just a word about words: they are for fun. They come from wildly different places (a children’s games book and a Penguin Classics) and are just tucked in as a little bit of spice.  They suggest something and then run away and hide. Which amuses me, and reminds me of real life: lots of little half clues and lots of unresolved mysteries. Yum!

I hope you are enjoying this marvelous summer of 2016.

Happy Creating,




One thought on “Collage Design: Enjoy the Mystery.

  1. Love this ‘art deco’ look, reminds me of living in Sausalito back in the day when they had a whole gallery devoted to m favorite sculptor.


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