Is “loose” Overrated?

Aerial Gyrations, 1953, Charles Sheeler I was just at SFMOMA this weekend and saw this beautiful painting by Charles Sheeler. I was struck initially by the composition of shapes. Though it is representational, it is not realistic. There is no light source, or shadows. There is not a consistent perspective. It seems to be several … Continue reading Is “loose” Overrated?

Archival Concerns in Collage

Found papers, like magazines, books, letters, etc. are all subject to a process of decay that, generally, we like. But what happens when you build those pieces into a collage that you would like to "freeze" in time? Can we stop the decay of these papers? Paper The most basic problem with printed materials is … Continue reading Archival Concerns in Collage

What I learned from Rex Ray

When I began to do abstract art, I began with collage. I painted up my favorite colors on paper, cut them into assorted rectangles and began to create arrangements. I loved color, and had some idea of color harmonies, but this effort fell pretty flat for me.  Nothing clicked and again I had that feeling … Continue reading What I learned from Rex Ray